About Me

Image Do you ever think about all of the unused pieces of clothing that are jammed in the crevices of your closet? Maybe it's those un-worn jeans from 2001 that have been folded on a shelf because you were secretly hoping to skivvy back into them one day…maybe it's that turquois blouse that you just had to have since it was on sale…What to do with those staple pieces that are slipping off the hangers…Oh and let's not even talk about where your shoes are! Maybe they're not even in your closet-maybe they are just strewn about the house in the last spot you threw them off in!

We all run busy lives. Whether it is working 8-5, taking care of children, running kids to sporting events, volunteering, taking Saturday and Sunday to catch up with friends and family, mowing the lawn, running errands…I understand it all! We can all use a little help when it comes to organizing our homes and keeping them that way so that we can still manage our busy lifestyles.

Courtney, the Founder of Pretty Little Closets is the de-clutter and organization specialist! Her unique organizing business was started in early 2014, after she saw a need for assisting others in organizing their closets and other rooms. She believes that it is essential to lay the proper foundation in organizing some of the most chaotic shared spaces and closets so that you can live a more carefree lifestyle. Her passion for organization and tidiness, keen sense of "what goes where" functionality and a love for serving others has made Pretty Little Closets the professional service that you will want and need.

We do everything from the most sought-after service, the bedroom closet to kitchen cabinets, home office, basement spaces and storage and even assistance with packing your items up for a move and placing those items perfectly in their new home!

We also offer home cleaning services and donation/discarding services.

Take the guesswork and time out of trying to organize your closets and spaces and leave it up to the professionals at Pretty Little Closets to take care of all of your organizing needs!

Cheers to a peace of mind and an organized life,